Treating Termites Before It’s Too Late

Termites occupy an important niche in any soil ecosystem. They protect dried out land by helping retain vegetation; they aerate soil; and they help hold soil down as well — sticky termite feces is a powerful natural bonding agent.

If you are looking at an infestation in your neighborhood, though, you aren’t likely to thank those dreaded little white ants for their good environmental work. If they threaten to eat you out of house and home, you’ll want to try everything in your power to wipe them out.

Once termites begin work on a home, they tend to make short work of it. Timely intervention is critical. In the past, you might have considered trying a DIY solution. Buying termiticide and spraying it around, though, is extremely low-tech when you compare it to what’s really possible. Today, there are highly effective termite solutions in place that achieve far better results. These are only available with professional exterminators, though.


A powerful, high-tech poison, Termidor doesn’t kill immediately. Exterminators place Termidor where termites are likely to come by, often baiting them with plenty of buried wood. When the insects discover the bait station and gorge on the wood, they are quickly coated with Termidor. Effectively turned into lethal carriers, they destroy every termite they touch.

When they go back to their colonies, they wipe them out. According to Tri-County Pestco, a leading termite exterminator in Ocean City NJ, such new-age pesticides are only available to licensed professionals.


Manufactured by Bayer, Premise is ultra-powerful. Only a few grams injected into a termite colony can completely wipe it out. Effective use of this highly dangerous chemical requires a well-equipped professional exterminator. It takes skill to correctly locate a termite colony and to use the termiticide correctly.


The pest management company buries little containers with Premise-soaked wood chips all around the house. When termites approach the house, these containers are an obvious pitstop to them. Technicians from the pest company electronically monitor the stations to see if they’ve been used by termites once every few days. When they see that termites have taken the bait, they know that a major infestation might be about to occur. They replace the Sentricon cans with containers containing wood soaked in a chemical known as hexaflumuron, a chemical that inhibits termite growth. No termite approaching your house will ever make it there.

When it comes to successfully battling termites, prevention is far better than cure. The technologies that professional exterminators have access to today ensure that you get to any infestation long before it even gets off the ground.