Reclaiming and Recycling

When fall approaches, people begin to think about the impact that cooler weather and the eventual coming of winter will have on their gardens. However, people shouldn’t be afraid of frost and plant loss just because the end of summer is upon them. Gardening remains a hobby for people year round, even when conditions aren’t ideal.

Bennett’s Greenhouse knows there are a number of steps you can take to continue your gardening hobby. Certain flowers and vegetables are actually quite frost friendly. Spinach, cabbage, radishes and turnips all make for a healthy garden that can bloom despite the winter season. Some shrubs and trees are also yearlong bloomers, and they can be used to compliment any landscape in from year to year.

For those plants that are vulnerable to winter weather and that won’t survive the declining temperatures, it’s especially important to keep them warm. This is particularly important at night, when temperatures plunge even further. Insulating plants outside can be done using a cold frame, which constructed of wood, glass or plastic. These create a miniature greenhouse without the effort of a large scale one, and can be a quick at-home project that helps save your garden.