Four Types of Outdoor Furniture That will Withstand Any Type of Weather

A patio is a great place to enjoy morning coffee, quality time with your family or dinner with friends. But you need to have the right kind of outdoor furniture. In this article, we talk about the kinds of outdoor furniture that will make your time even more enjoyable. Whether you want to buy the outdoor furniture online or through from a brick-and-mortar shop, the following four types of furniture are the best of the best. They have stood up well to the vagaries of weather and are also resistant to corrosion.

Hardwood outdoor furniture

Examples of hardwood furniture are Kwila and Teak outdoor furniture. Kwila is usually well priced. The furniture is made from durable tropical hardwood sourced from Pacific Islands or South East Asia. It has natural colour in the wood which bleeds out over time. It is important to be careful so as to avoid ground staining particularly on unsealed surfaces.

Also called golden teak, teak wood is among the finest woods for making outdoor furniture. Teak wood furniture has natural waxiness which gives it outstanding stability and durability. There are several types of teak furniture and these vary from very cheap to highly expensive. Cheap teak furniture has knots in the grain and normally come from outer section of the tree trunk. You can easily see splitting and imperfections. In most cases, this inferior teak furniture is pale in colour.

On the other hand, high quality teak furniture is made from centre of tree trunk and has very beautiful grain that is devoid of any imperfections or knots. It often has a warm rich golden hue and colour. Teak furniture is durable and can hold up well against the weather elements. If you are buying teak outdoor furniture online, be careful not to be given a raw deal.

Aluminium outdoor furniture online

What makes aluminium material perfect for making outdoor furniture is that it does not rust, usually durable and also lightweight. But if the furniture is to be placed where there is high wind, you may need to consider its lightweight. The furniture are normally finished using high-quality powder-coat finish which not only serves as anti-corrosive barrier but also provides a tough surface that is resistant to knocks.

Another advantage of powder-coating is that it improves rigidity and strength. High quality powder-coating is thicker and harder. This means that it is more resistant to scratch and at the same time less resistant to discoloration and surface oxidation. High-quality powder coating is characterized by sheen evenness and smoothness of finish. Avoid furniture with irregular and lumpy welding as this indicates poor quality. Because it does not rust, aluminium outdoor furniture is perfect for seaside use.

Because of its heaviness, concrete furniture is used where there is high wind and you don’t want your seats being blown away. Its heaviness also deters thieves from stealing it. However, it requires many people to carry. Also, it tends to be very porous, which is why it is recommended to be sealed using a concrete sealer. However, this normally changes its visual appearance. In most cases, the furniture will be set up on a pedestal, and could require some levelling to stop rocking.
There is a new category of concrete furniture, and this is called lightweight concrete furniture. It is basically still concrete but its weight has been reduced. This can be done either through adding fiberglass strands into the concrete to make it strong or by using a fiberglass substrate. This results to lightweight concrete furniture. Although they are still heavy -which makes them perfect for high wind areas- they can be moved more easily.

This is a type of outdoor furniture that is made from polyethylene or polypropylene. In some instances, fiberglass strands are added to strengthen them further. Plastic is not only hard-wearing but also available in nearly infinite colour range and can be molded to just about any shape. These types of outdoor furniture are available from economy furniture to quite expensive furniture that could even have lacquered finish. However, it is important to be careful of the quality of plastic that you buy. Make sure that the furniture UV treated to high standards as UV rays often change the colour of white plastics to dirty yellow when not treated. Another thing is that majority of plastic surfaces have fine dimple surfaces which can trap dirt and then be quite hard to clean. This tends to be most common with white plastic.

While there are other types of outdoor furniture online, the four types mentioned above are the most commonly used. This is because of their outstanding durability, stability and resistance to scratch and other elements. Concrete outdoor furniture is the best for high-wind areas as they cannot be carried by wind. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and plastic, when UV treated, will be resistant to UV rays.

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