Do You Need A New Carpet?

When do you know you need a new carpet? There are a few signs that you need to change your carpeting. Stains are the bane of carpets. Food stains, coffee stains, paint, wine, pet accidents, all of these and a hundred other things can get on your carpet over time, and not all of them are easy to clean up or always come out, even with industrial strength cleaners. If any of them, especially pet accidents and the like, if allowed any time on your carpet, can lead to mold and mildew buildup in the carpet itself. Enough of that over time and you need a carpet replacement. Wear and tear is another sure sign that the time has come to get new carpeting. Matting of the carpet, a flattening of the pile or significant wear on high traffic areas cannot in many cases be undone, unless it is nylon carpet, which is generally more resilient than polyester.

If you have people in your home that have allergies and those allergies are lately getting worse, it may not be the cat or the tree pollen. It may well be that carpet. Especially if you have an older carpet. Remember carpeting can last a long time, but it doesn’t last forever. Mold and mildew can in time find a home in there.   If you have to ask is my carpet too old or too beaten up, the answer is usually yes.